The Edusphere story

Edusphere is the 4 layered learning methodology which empowers distance education. Edusphere is an capsule surrounding your distance education programme to transform it in to an outcome based education with world class learning experience.

In-short Edusphere converts your distance degree into a valued career asset.

Need for Edusphere?

Traditional distance education has its own limitation of only imparting education without much focus given to the flexibility and convenience to students and deep void of industry acceptance.

There is no arrangement for progress check nor student hand-holding and in most cases there is no contact between by education institution with the student.

It lacks focused holistic learning approach to make student industry ready. This led to huge gap between academia and industry.

Edusphere- a 4-layered learning methodology empowers the distance degree to make it in to valued career asset.

What is Edusphere?

As we know planet earth is surrounded by atmosphere, which is made up of layers like troposphere, stratosphere and so on. Each layer plays a vital role to nourish, nurture and protect to make life grow on earth.

Edusphere encapsulates distance education to add career driven values for students, which help students to earn a distance degree which enables them to over come the void of distance education in comparison to campus based education.

Edusphere empowers the students with flexibility and quality to complete their higher education without compromising their professional career and personal life. Thus giving the students a true career valued asset for their professional growth.

Visual Representation

These are essential offerings after admission like study material/books, id card etc.

Self-Learning Material is developed by academic and industry experts which is self-explanatory, enabling student to understand the topic which is explained in simple and easier method.

Chapter Wise Approach of Learning instead of traditional subject wise approach:


This provides flexibility to the student to access the study material even when he/she is travelling and more importantly this is chapter wise wherein student can make important notes while reading and store the same for future references.

Study Guide-

Every chapter has a power point presentation which enables the student to understand the relevant topic in detail.

Practice Test-

Every chapter has a practice test which enables the student to gauge his/her understanding of a particular topic.

Reference Video Material-

Correct referencing is the corner stone of any academic delivery. Every chapter have reference video material enabling the student to understand the relevant topic and creates an inhibited quality of research based activity.

Apart from self-learning as mentioned above, the working professional expects more which is extremely important for pursuing the course. Working professional faces the biggest challenge of time management, thus flexibility and convenience is what they are expecting along with the core product which is a government recognized degree.

Digital Campus/Virtual Campus-

The student need not travel or attend the university office/classroom at any point of time during the course as everything happens virtually through the world class Learning Management System.

App Learning-

Anytime anywhere learning for accessing the course/live lectures/connecting for student support possible through the Mobile App.

Live Lectures-

Accessibility to live interactive lectures scheduled ever month enables the students to understand the topic based on the syllabus and get hand holding for their academic queries.

Online Exams-

We do not declare the time table for the examinations as the student has the flexibility to give their online examinations at exam centers as per their convenience. Online examinations are conducted through exam centers across India with a flexibility for the student to choose their exam center, exam dates, exam time and the subject.

Student Support-

Dedicated student support team ensures the student gets proper hand holding during their course conduction which extends till final certification of the student.

Industry Acceptance-Programs have been created as per the requirement of industry to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The programs are endorsed for its academic and vocational relevance by corporate houses to name a few like Peoplestrong, Wheebox and Talentedge

This sphere ensures your corporate readiness. It bridges the gap between academia and industry by sharpening the employability skills of student. We ensure your complete transformation from a degree holder to professional. Following are the offering in this sphere,

Selfie Scan-

This is an skill assessment test which is endorsed by CII & AIU helps the students to get an insight of the inhibited skills enabling him/her to plan their way ahead.

Career Advisory-

This is an on- going need that every working professional would seek during his/her journey in the corporate environment. Every student get the opportunity to connect with the industry experts who can advise them for their career advancement plan and provide them an insight of industry expectations and way ahead.

Placement Support-

Every student gets a dedicated placement support extended by the professional team which are industry experts and who have handled career life cycle management of 3.5 million employees across the globe.